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Did you know that sea vegetables almost perfectly match the mineral composition of human blood? Consider the facts that our earth is about 60% water (primarily oceans), and our bodies are also about 60% water (fluids in and around our cells, and blood). If you examine the mineral profile of the oceans, the sea vegetables that grow in these oceans, and our blood, it is difficult to find any category of food that has as diverse a mineral composition as sea vegetables. It's also difficult to find any category of food whose overall mineral composition better matches that of human blood. The nutritional uniqueness of sea vegetables also involves a category of nutrient called sulfated polysaccharides. This category of carbohydrate-related nutrients, also called fucans, has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties, and fucan extracts from brown sea vegetables have been found to lower inflammatory activities of key human proteins involved in inflammation called complement proteins. For more on sea vegetables, Sea vegetables
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