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In depth nutrient analysis:

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amount1.00 Day Totals
total weight1646.57 g
Basic Components
calories from fat480.27
calories from saturated fat52.69
protein52.19 g
carbohydrates267.80 g
dietary fiber43.38 g174
soluble fiber13.00 g
insoluble fiber19.70 g
sugar - total153.41 g
monosaccharides53.79 g
disaccharides18.51 g
other carbs69.43 g
fat - total53.36 g
saturated fat5.85 g
mono fat13.40 g
poly fat30.61 g
trans fatty acids0.00 g
cholesterol5.14 mg
water1256.32 g
ash17.08 g
vitamin A IU14171.40 IU472
vitamin A RE1422.09 RE
A - carotenoid1408.35 RE--
A - retinol7.12 RE
A - beta carotene7946.84 mcg
thiamin - B11.25 mg104
riboflavin - B20.98 mg75
niacin - B38.81 mg55
niacin equiv17.61 mg
vitamin B62.14 mg126
vitamin B123.63 mcg151
biotin24.55 mcg82
vitamin C445.24 mg594
vitamin D IU1.42 IU0
vitamin D mcg0.04 mcg
vitamin E alpha equiv8.54 mg57
vitamin E IU12.73 IU
vitamin E mg9.48 mg
folate648.56 mcg162
vitamin K296.85 mcg330
pantothenic acid3.47 mg69
boron0.99 mcg
calcium799.35 mg80
chloride225.29 mg
chromium26.09 mcg75
copper2.62 mg291
fluoride0.00 mg0
iodine30.38 mcg20
iron20.48 mg114
magnesium333.36 mg83
manganese6.23 mg312
molybdenum160.65 mcg357
phosphorus922.39 mg132
potassium4749.10 mg
selenium50.84 mcg92
sodium1350.67 mg
zinc6.56 mg60
Saturated Fats
4:0 butyric0.00 g
6:0 caproic0.00 g
8:0 caprylic0.00 g
10:0 capric0.00 g
12:0 lauric0.00 g
14:0 myristic0.03 g
15:0 pentadecanoic0.00 g
16:0 palmitic3.94 g
17:0 margaric0.00 g
18:0 stearic1.26 g
20:0 arachidic0.04 g
22:0 behenate0.00 g
24:0 lignoceric0.00 g
Mono Fats
14:1 myristol0.00 g
15:1 pentadecenoic0.00 g
16:1 palmitol0.16 g
17:1 heptadecenoic0.00 g
18:1 oleic13.13 g
20:1 eicosen0.08 g
22:1 erucic0.01 g
24:1 nervonic0.00 g
Poly Fats
18:2 linoleic24.87 g
18:3 linolenic5.61 g
18:4 stearidon0.00 g
20:3 eicosatrienoic0.00 g
20:4 arachidon0.00 g
20:5 EPA0.03 g
22:5 DPA0.00 g
22:6 DHA0.05 g
Other Fats
omega 3 fatty acids5.68 g237
omega 6 fatty acids24.88 g
Amino Acids
alanine2.02 g
arginine3.80 g
aspartate4.94 g
cystine0.68 g262
glutamate8.33 g
glycine2.03 g
histidine1.15 g128
isoleucine1.95 g156
leucine3.10 g113
lysine2.35 g92
methionine0.73 g109
phenylalanine2.10 g236
proline2.32 g
serine2.24 g
threonine1.66 g171
tryptophan0.53 g204
tyrosine1.27 g174
valine2.20 g131
alcohol0.00 g
caffeine0.00 mg
artif sweetener total0.00 mg
aspartame0.00 mg
saccharin0.00 mg
sugar alcohol0.00 g
glycerol0.00 g
inositol0.00 g
mannitol0.00 g
sorbitol0.00 g
xylitol0.00 g
organic acids5888.34 mg
acetic acid0.00 mg
citric acid4228.94 mg
lactic acid0.00 mg
malic acid1659.40 mg
choline0.00 mg0
taurine0.00 mg
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